'Tis the season to be inundated with house sitting requests.

I’ve been told (on more than one occasion) that I make house sitting sound remarkably easy. Well, there’s a reason for that, it really isn’t that hard! Once you get your teeth into the process it becomes just another way of life. However, there is one common problem most budding sitters face; getting their start in the ‘industry’. I’ll admit, this part can be challenging.

Gaining that initial sense of trust, with an understandably cautious homeowner, can be difficult; especially without an assortment of sparkling references and a healthy house sitting history.

So, how do you get your big break?

For fledgling sitters, breaking into the homeowners’ sitting shortlist can be frustrating. A majority of opportunities are often snapped up super quickly by their more experienced counterparts. Typically, there just isn’t enough sits to go around! However, there are two months in every year when these problems evaporate; December and January – the Festive Season.

Jude House Sitting Christmas Help

Jude was particularly helpful when it came to wrapping Christmas presents.

The Christmas and New Years period is the ideal time to start applying for your first house sitting gig. There are infinitely more opportunities as people are moving, families are travelling, and holidayers are making their way to far-off destinations. During any given week, in the lead up to the silly season, I receive upwards of 10-15 requests to sit around Australia. There is undoubtedly an increased need for sitters.

But with anything, the proof is in the figgy pudding.

After months of consideration, a good friend of mine from Adelaide finally took the plunge and began organising his online sitting profile. It wasn’t long before he had applied for, and was accepted into, his first house sit over the Christmas period. As a result, this 29-year-old male, with limited sitting experience and references, has taken his first steps into a life of house sitting benefits.

I’ve had numerous mates say they would love to start house sitting, but have always found an excuse to stay stuck in the rent trap. So, what are you waiting for? What’s holding you back from, if nothing else, trialling the house sitting lifestyle this festive season? I’d love to know!