Trekking my way around Australia, scribbling down free activities and budget-conscious advice.

Oh hey. When did you sneak in?

Enough of the suspicion, let me introduce myself. I’m Josh West… from the travel blog Trekking West. See the connection there, eh? Yeah. Thought you might. You’re clever like that.

Let me start off by confirming no, Trekking West isn’t about travelling in any particular westerly direction, nor does it concentrate on ‘Western civilisation’ or anything of the like. It’s just linked to my last name. The alternative was changing my name to ‘Josh Everywhere’ but do you know how long it takes to get these things updated in your passport, plus the domain name would have been painfully long. Trust me. It’s easier this way.

My well-worn story is similar to many of the other travel bloggers you’ll find traipsing around the world.

1. Boy gets job. 2. Boy discovers travel. 3. Boy leaves job. 4. Boy travels.

But unlike most travel bloggers, step 3 took a seriously long time. Many budding bloggers just light up a dog-poop-filled bag, throw it on their bosses desk and go on their merry way. I battled on manfully through the 9 to 5 struggle for 6 and a half years, trying to figure out how best to fulfil my life’s ambitions. So I know what it’s like to stick it out on the company front line.

I kept myself busy saving for a house and working my way up the corporate ladder, but I was foolish to think these ambitions would quench my ongoing thirst for new experiences. In the end, it was travel, it had to be! Discovering new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods. It’s what makes me tick.

One of the most useful traits I acquired, during this time, was the ability to save money and lock down a bargain. Much to the dismay of several ex-girlfriends, I am a self-confessed tightass. Bad for them, but good for you, I’ll be sharing a plethora of budget-conscious tips, tricks and attractions with you that will keep your purse-strings tightened.