Great work team, we’ve busted through nine months of full-time travel! I’m currently relaxing in a log cabin in the middle of the majestic Grampians National Park in country Victoria; mentally preparing myself for a hike to the Pinnacle in Halls Gap.

I’ve spent the last few days weaving my way along the coastline of the stunning Great Ocean Road, accompanied by four international travelling buddies. The natural beauty of the landscape has blown me away, and entirely incinerated the expectations of my two German and two Canadian cohorts. While most of the attractions on this popular route swarm with gaggles of sightseers, it’s worth hacking through the happy-snappers to gaze upon its rugged splendour. Every gyrating corner along the journey brings a new, but equally engaging, cave, beach or natural phenomenon.

But it certainly hasn’t all been smooth sailing. After being awoken by a plague of shrieking Galah’s this morning at sunrise, it dawned on me why their names are used as an insult in Australia. Their screeches are painful. The patriarch of clichéd Australian sayings, Alf Stewart, is spot on when he grumbles ‘flamin galah’ at his endless run of frustrations in Home and Away’s Summer Bay.

Anyway, I digress.

A comparatively settled past three months has allowed me to get back to my home state of South Australia. Despite the familiarity, however, my inset travel bug didn’t escape. I played a round of desert golf on the edge of the SA outback, cycled through the beautiful Barossa Valley, spent New Year’s Eve watching the fireworks near Victor Habor and explored the stunning Kangaroo Island. So, after all of these shenanigans, how are my accounts looking?

So, what have I spent?

Spending time at home over the Christmas period, catching up with family and friends, has sent the takeaway (including alcohol) and miscellaneous (including presents) accounts skyrocketing. However, this increase is offset by a significant drop in accommodation and public transports costs. Here’s where I currently sit over the past three months, as well as the total cost over my 9 months of travel.

Flights = $224.69 (Total = $1,747)

Thankfully, another lean month of flights has allowed me to fritter away money in other areas. Just the one flight from Perth to Adelaide, as well as a buttload more driving, make up much of my non-public transportation.

Accommodation = $111.52 (Total = $1076.46)

Significant savings here. Constant sponging off family and friends, as well as a handful of house sits over the Christmas period, have saved me bundles.

Food = $2,016 (Total= $5311.27)

It’s fair to say I appreciated the fruits of the festive period. Several large nights out on the tiles have inflated my takeaway numbers ($1,174) while my market spending ($842.65) has remained constant.

Activities/Events = $72 (Total = $105.83)

Despite the extra socialising, I’ve managed to keep my ‘activities budget’ relatively low. A game of putt-putt golf and a couple of National Park entry fees were sprinkled amongst a bunch of fun, free activities.

Public Transport = $393.58 (Total = $1,074.37)

Alright, I admit it; I missed driving over the past nine months. Borrowing a set of wheels, for a couple of months, has contained my public transport bill, despite an expensive ferry trip to Kangaroo Island, and allowed me to see more of the countryside.

Miscellaneous = $1,020 (Total = $2,075)

Christmas presents for the nephews, petrol for a gas-guzzling Commodore and the Star Wars premiere have blown my miscellaneous budget out of the water.

Equalling = $11,389 AUD for 9 months of travel (or $41.71 AUD a day)

Yeah, so my spending has gone up. Guilty! While I’m not surprised, I’m still a little annoyed, but I’m looking to become more settled (and somewhat less boozy) over the coming months. On top of these expenses, I have left a few non-specific ‘non-travel’ items off the list.

What’s not included in this tally?

  • I caved and signed up for a Spotify account
  • Health insurance
  • Mobile phone and Adobe software bills (I have a continuing contra deal with my contracted place of work)

As much as I’ve enjoyed the last nine months, I’m embarrassingly excited about the coming three. I already have house sits lined up in Sydney and Hobart, leaving only Canberra and Darwin as the final two capitals I’m yet to house sit in. If you have any suggestions on places to visit in either NSW, ACT, NT or Tasmania, I’d love to hear them. Hit me up in the comments!